Online streamparty bracelets wristbandsing platforms urged to follow copyright law

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Bilibili is a Chinese website/app to share anime and manga videos to which users can add commentary or subtitles. [Photo/VCG]

The National Copyright Administration summoned 15 major online video streaming and related media companies on Friday, asking them to strengthen regulations and enhance their awareness of copyright protection.

Those 15 companies include one of the country"s most popular video platforms, Bilibili, video streaming site Douyin, and Tencent-backed live-video streaming startup Kuaishou.

The administration asked those platforms to shoulder their responsibility to respect the Copyright Law. Unauthorized content, including pictures, music, literary works, video and audio products, should not be posted online.

Those platforms and companies are required to build a complaint mechanism that can respond quickly to reports of illegal content.

The administration also asked the platforms to build a prevention system to stop illegal uploads of unauthorized content, and anyone receiving multiple complaints should be blacklisted by the platform.

The announcement also emphasized the importance of joint efforts from the public, calling for stronger public awareness of online copyright protection.

"All people should shoulder the responsibility to report the illegal actions and cooperate with law enforcement departments," it said. "Severe cases that break the Copyright Law will be transferred to the public security department."

In July, several departments jointly launched a special action code-named "2018 Sword Net Action", targeting illegal, unauthorized dissemination of literature, news, and audio and visual works on the internet.

Apart from promoting strict regulation of copyright protection for online video streaming platforms, the action will also crack down on other illegal activities related to online anime products, video and audio education products.

The "Sword Net Action", a nationwide campaign against online copyright infringement, is now in its 18th year.

This year"s action is directed by the National Copyright Administration of China in conjunction with the Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Public Security, and is implemented by various copyright, internet information management, communications and public security authorities across the country.