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CHENGDU -- Heavy rains have forced more than 18,000 people to relocate from unsafe places in southwest China"s Sichuan Province, the local land resources department said Tuesday.

Strong precipitation has hit more than eight cities in west and northeast of Sichuan since Sunday, causing 64 geological disasters, the provincial land and resources department said. Precipitation in Zitong County reached 315 millimeters on Monday.

No casualties have been recorded so far.

The department sent over 44,000 texts to warn the public of the potential dangers and sent extra personnel to check the impact of rain on tourist destinations such as Jiuzhaigou.

Provincial flood control headquarters said a total of 115,900 people in Sichuan were affected. Crops, roads, bridges and school buildings were damaged. Direct economic losses totaled 159 million yuan ($24 million).

The downpours are expected to subside Tuesday night, the provincial meteorological station said.

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